Anyone can request assistance from the Mesa Angels Foundation for him or herself, or you can nominate a someone who you know to be experiencing a time of extraordinary need. All requests must comply with the Mesa Angels Foundation request guidelines. 

The foundation is available for individuals needing short-term emergency assistance. Potential recipients can apply for grants or loans in times of critical financial need due to issues such as medical emergency, natural disasters or other unforeseen, life-changing events. Individuals can also submit an application on the behalf of deserving coworker in need or charitable organizations serving a broad public interest.

Applicants will be required to clearly demonstrate a need for grants and loans. Applicants must have exhausted all other methods of funding sources. Supporting documentation includes but is not limited to: pay stubs, insurance coverage, copies of bills, other sources of income and letters from individuals that can testify to need. The foundation does not fund credit card expenses, utility bills, school tuition/expenses and minor car/house repairs, absent exceptional circumstances such as disaster relief or other catastrophic events.

For contributions to other charitable organizations, the Mesa Angels Foundation does not fund the following: religious organizations or endeavors; political, legislative, lobbying, sports or fraternal organizations; building funds/capital projects; conferences or symposia; sponsorship of events, tables, exhibitions or performances; or walk/run/bike-a-thons.

Once an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the foundation's Management Committee, made up of volunteers appointed by the Foundation Board of Directors. Applications will be due by the first (1st) of the month. The committee will meet on the second (2nd) Wednesday of each month to review all applications. All decisions by the committee are final.

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